Quakehold Evacuation Essentials Kit

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Evacuation Essentials Kit, supplies designed to escape the building and survive the first hours of an emergency. Provide one for every person in your facility. The evacuation essentials has a five year shelf life.

Each Kit Contains:

1 Emergency

12-Hour Light Stick,

1 Emergency Whistle,

1 Dust Mask,

2 Nitrile Gloves,

1 Survival Blanket,

1 Pocket Tissues,

1 Pair Goggles,

1 Rubber Band (to attach lightstick to wrist),

1 Snack Food Bar (400 calories),

1 Water Pouch 4.1 oz,

Velcro Fastener (to attach to desk)

This kit has 5 year shelf life.

Also please keep in mind that items in your survival kit may have expire date, do check at least once in 6 month to see if any items has expired, specifically medical supplies and/or food items. Most of the items in the kit has long shelf life, as much as 5 years but it is always good to keep everything in check.


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