Nepal Earthquake
August 5, 2015 By admin 0

Nepal Earthquake Preventing Devastation From Next Big One?

The recent event of Nepal earthquake that shook the tiny Himalayan nation of Nepal and devastation caused by it shows clearly that every nation is not ready for such natural catastrophe. It is well known fact that Nepal is in fault line, Indian subcontinental plate is forcing into Euro-Asian plate that generates the energy due to friction and when it raptures it generates waves of shaking across Nepal and some parts of India.

Nepal had a history of violent earthquakes that shook the tiny nation. 1934 was the year every older generation of grandpas and grandmas used to remember as most violent earthquake in Nepal but the one 2015 saw was more devastating than the previous one. Some lucky grandpas and grandmas (or unlucky ones) got to experience both of those big earthquakes. And they clearly see that devastation caused by 2015 earthquake was much more larger in scale. One of the reason for more devastation is rapid urbanization in and around capital city Kathmandu. Building code were rampantly ignored all across the city.

It is always not the earthquake that kills people, it’s the building or structures that kills people when ground beneath it shakes. Nepal government must take serious concern in enforcing building code and have a proper body to regulate and inspect the building process. Nepal earthquake monitoring agency also needs to work more on providing proper information to the people.

It is also evident that Nepal was not prepared for that level of devastation. Government as well as citizens were least prepared for such calamity. Preparedness does helps and that is proven by Japan; the country where earthquake has become a daily part of life. Not just government but citizens also need to take some initiative to be prepared for these events. Specifically people who live in fault zones must prepare themselves for earthquake. Having Emergency preparedness kits ready to go would be very important step that will play a vital role in surviving such disaster.

USGS and other geological organization tracking earthquake around the globe always recommends preparing for the disaster. Not just for earthquakes but also for other unforeseen events like flood, hurricane, tornado, fire etc. Stay safe.